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Cheap loans

The consumer loan is very popular as it is a convenient way to realize the desires without preliminary accumulation. All people want to choose the most favorable cheap loans with the minimum sum of an overpayment. However it is difficult to uninitiated person not to become puzzled among big variety of credit offers.

The significant factors

To choose the cheap loans, it is necessary to understand what its final cost depends on. Knowing it, it is possible to make more favorable any loan.

cheap loans

The most significant factors influencing cost:

  • Providing existence. When providing pledge on property (for example, on the apartment or the car) or guarantors the interest rate for the credit is lower.
  • Existence of the salary cash card. Banks have always offered preferential credit terms for the holders of salary card.
  • Existence of positive credit history. The client with good credit history can rely on the lowered interest rate.
  • Place of work. Cheap loans programs with the improved conditions often work for state employees, employees of law enforcement agencies, employees of the partner organizations.
  • Personal insurance. Registration of life insurance or loss of work in favor of bank also allows lowering a rate.
  • Confirmation of employment and income. In the absence of documents confirming the official employment and income, the interest rate rises.
  • Speed of making decision on issue of the cheap loans. Rates for Express loans, which answer about the possibility of lending reported for half an hour, always significantly higher. Sometimes the difference is a factor of 2-3.
  • Crediting term. As a rule, if the duration of the contract is longer, the rate is higher.

How to take the consumer cheap loans at low interest rates?

When it comes to advertising, banks are not always honest to the end with their borrowers.

Full information on rates and conditions is written by a small print, and psychologically unpleasant restrictions are hidden under asterisks at all. But where to find rather low interests? Not to overpay, you should rather attentively read terms of the contract and to notice changes of rates and additional reports in the credit calculator. It is quite disappointing to receive a loan, and then find out that the lowest interest rate is offered at the nearby bank!

What should be considered when rates are comparing?

Unfortunately, it is insufficiently simple to visit several official sites of banks and to compare the most popular offers on the first three lines of conditions. There are several nuances which very strongly influence rates on the credit. Be very attentive.

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